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Here is a short summary in English for international readers:

Terra Fantastica is Publishing House generally interested in publishing science fiction, fantasy and horror books - both translated and original.

Our main preferences:

The best translations for the best foreign books.

One of ours best was the translation of the novel MOON IS A HARSH MISTRESS by Robert A. Heinlein. Translator Alexander Shcherbakov made a superb Russian version of this complex novel. His work was awarded by Alexander Belyaev Medal and Strannik Award as the best translation published in 1993.

Clever speculative fiction combined with commercial SF.

We had published classic works of Philip J. Farmer (THE LOVERS), Thomas Disch (GENOCIDES and ECHO ROUND HIS BONES), Philip K. Dick (UBIK), Harry Harrison (A TRANSATLANTIC TUNNEL! HURRAH!) – all but UBIK were published first time on Russian in our Publishing House.

In 1996-1997 Terra Fantastica Publishing House acts mostly as packaging company. We have preparing a lot of publishing projects for the largest publishing houses active in Russian speculative fiction.

  • The first Russian publications of the classic cyberpunk novels of William Gibson (NEUROMANCER and COUNT ZERO), Bruce Sterling (SCHIZMATRIX) and Michael Swanwick (VACUUM FLOWERS and STATIONS OF THE TIDE) in special Virtual World bookline published with AST Publishing House, Moscow.

  • The first commented Russian publication of "Amber Chronicles" of Roger Zelazny (with Azbooka Publishing house, St. Petersburg)

  • We have published many translations of fantasy books with AST Publishing House, Moscow, in the Age of the Dragon Brookline; there were "Wheel of Time" series of Robert Jordan, THE IRON DRAGON'S DAUGHTER by Michael Swanwick, "Thomas Covenant" series of Stephen Donaldson, "Black Company" series of Glen Cook and many others.

In Russian SF field we are known also as co-publicators (with AST Publishing House, Moscow) of a highly popular series "Worlds of Srtugatsky Brothers", which includes complete multi-volume collection of Arkady and Boris Strugatsky fiction and very special serial anthologies "Time of the Learners" with short fiction based on the worlds and characters of Strugatskys.

Terra Fantastica also involved in publishing of a 300-volume Library of the World Literature - bookline of classic fiction from ancient literature to the best authors of XX century.

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